1. Sign up

sign up

2. Fill out the form.

  • Fill out the form as shown below.

create account




3. Verify your email.

  • Check your email to verify your registration.

email verification

  • You will be taken to the following modal.

setting up

4. Get your custom Hello script.

  • Check your email again to find your custom Hello script.

custom Hello script

5. Place Hello into your Shopify store.

  • Log in to your Shopify store, then go to Online Store.

online store

  • On your current theme, click Actions and select Edit code.


edit code

  • In your theme files, click theme.liquid.

theme file

  • At the bottom of the theme.liquid file, place your custom Zonos script before the closing body tag.

place script

  • Save theme.liquid.


  • Go to your website’s homepage. Zonos Hello should be there. If not, you may need to hard refresh or clear your cache.