How to get your API security key

  1. Log in to your CyberSource account with your organization ID, username, and password.

    Disclaimer: Make sure this is the live website. Also, please be aware that you can use your current transaction key if you have one to enter into your Zonos app payment settings. If you choose to create a new transaction key to replace your current one, this will affect your current payment settings. Make sure you update your information accordingly.

  2. In the Dashboard menu under the Payment Configuration sub-menu, click on Key Management.

    Key management

  3. Click the blue +Add link on the right side of the screen.

    Add button

  4. Select Simple Order as the key type.
  5. Click Download to save the Java key generator application to your machine.


  6. When you see the security warning, click Keep.
  7. Open the file.
  8. If another security warning appears, click Continue. The application will download.
  9. Click Run.
  10. Next, click Generate Certificate Request, then Continue.
  11. Within the Save dialog box, choose a secure location on your current server to save the security key file.

Make sure to enter your credentials in the Zonos app - click here for the instructions.