How to set up your carrier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up UPS as your carrier in the Zonos app. If you are using another carrier or flat rates, please get in touch with your Implementation Rep or submit a new Zonos support ticket for assistance.

  1. For UPS setup, go to the Configure section on the left sidebar menu and click on Shipping.
  2. Select +ADD CARRIER and click Connect next to the UPS option.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Check the box for "I have received an invoice on this account..." to input your invoice details. 
    1. To pull your negotiated rates, you must include your most recent UPS invoice to complete registration.
  5. Input your invoice number, date, charges, and control ID.
  6. Next, click on Complete Registration.
  7. Click the Yes radio button to agree with the UPS Technology Terms, then hit SAVE and EXIT.
    1. If you receive an error, please verify your invoice information and check for any white space, then try again by clicking COMPLETE REGISTRATION. If you continue to have issues, please get in touch with UPS Technology Support at 1-800-247-9035 or submit a new Zonos support ticket for assistance.