The Zonos Quoter allows you and your team to produce shipping, duty, and tax quotes from the Zonos app. You can also generate a checkout that can be sent to your customers.

Simply follow the steps below to create a custom quote:

  1. Go to the Quoter section in the Zonos app located on the sidebar.

  2. Fill out the destination address in the “Where is it going?” section.

  3. The “Ship from” section will prefill with your store’s default information. You can change this if needed by clicking on the Ship from section.

  4. Enter the item(s) information in the What are you sending? section. The “description” section will populate previous order data from orders processed through the Zonos Checkout. Pre-populated items will also auto-populate the item weight and price used at the checkout. You can input or override any necessary changes. Click on the advanced options check box to enter in the HS Code, C of O (Country of Origin), & Item SKU (if available).

  5. Next, enter your package weight and dimensions. If the order contains multiple packages, check the “Multiple package shipment” and enter the weight and total pieces.

Zonos Quoter

Once the information is completed, you have two options:

  • The first option is to click Get quote. This will give you a shipping, duty, and tax quote for all the service levels you have enabled for your store. Select the individual shipping service name for a detailed breakdown of the quote that will show duty, tax, and any carrier fees for that order.
  • The second option is to click Generate Checkout. This will create a checkout that your customers can use to complete payment.



If a checkout is created, you must have set up your store’s payment details for an order to be completed. Also, if you are using a Zonos extension for your store, orders completed through the quoter may not import as an order completed from the website and may need to be input manually in your system if necessary. You can find all of the order details in the Zonos app.

Inside the checkout, you can click the Email Cart to Buyer button on the bottom-left of the checkout. This will copy the checkout link to your email box for you to send to your customer to complete checkout.