Uploading brand assets

  1. Visit the Checkout page of your Zonos dashboard and jump to the Design options section.
  2. Select Add file on the logo or favicon field, find your image, and hit Save.

*Note: Changes should reflect within a few seconds of uploading. We recommend keeping your logo under 1MB and 600px for best performance.

Applying brand colors to checkout

If you scroll down further on the Checkout page, you can ddjust the colors for your checkout theme by clicking on the boxes.

Advanced theming

On the same Checkout page, you can access the custom CSS editor by clicking the Advanced option.

Note: Please be aware the Zonos accepts no responsibility for any custom styles you upload, so be sure that whatever changes you make do not break your checkout experience.

You can use the Chrome Web Inspector (or whatever tool you are familiar with) to find what class or ID corresponds to each part of your checkout. Simply right-click on an element in your checkout, and select Inspect element. From there, you can grab the proper selector and start writing your styles.


Zonos recommends running your styles through a CSS validator to ensure everything works properly. We suggest the free, official validator provided by the W3C, which you can find by clicking here. To view your changes, you can click the Preview checkout button on the Checkout settings in your Zonos dashboard.