You can cancel an order by using the Zonos app. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. After you log in to the Zonos app, go to the Manage Orders section and click on Orders.

  2. Select the order number you want to cancel. This will display the order details page.

  3. Click on the CancelĀ button on the upper-right corner.

  4. Select one of the four options under the Reason drop-down box.

  5. If desired, enter a note (optional). The note will be tied to the order but is for internal purposes only. The customer will not see this.

  6. Check the box if you want an email to be sent to the customer. If Zonos currently sends cancellation emails on your behalf, this will be done automatically.

  7. Click the red CANCEL ORDER button.

  8. Click the red CANCEL ORDER in the pop-up window to confirm.

If you need more information about order cancellations, go to: