Bonus feature for Shopify Plus customers

Bonus feature for Shopify Plus customers

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant, an additional feature can be optionally added to the Shopify Checkout. You get the ability to separate the shipping total from the duty and tax total, as shown in the screenshot below. The orders will still import as an all-inclusive total in shipping, but you can show the breakdown to your customers at checkout.

How to add the Shopify Plus bonus feature

  1. Upon installation of the Landed Cost (Duty and Tax) plugin, a snippet was added to your current theme.


  2. Include this file in the checkout.liquid using: {% include 'zonos_shopifyplus_features' %}

  3. We recommend you add the include just before the closing </body> tag.


  4. Make sure to save any changes. You will now see the duty and tax breakdown for Zonos DDP service levels in the Shopify Checkout.

If your Shopify base currency is not in USD, the above feature will work on your Shopify Checkout.

If you are using Shopify’s multiple currency support, we do not recommend adding this feature. This is because the totals in checkout will not match up on the front-end; however, the customer will still be charged the correct amount, regardless.


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