Shopify Duty and Tax App Installation Instructions

1. Add the Zonos Duty and Tax app from the Shopify App Store.

2. Click the Install App button.

3. Click Create Zonos account.* (if you already have a Zonos Store ID and API Key, skip this step and go to step 4) 

4. In the Zonos Duty and Tax App settings in Shopify add your Zonos Store ID and API Key. Where do I find this?

IMG: Add Zonos Store ID and API Key to the Shopify app

5. Choose whether you’d like the Zonos Hello widget (only visible to non-domestic customers) to display duty and tax estimates throughout the shopping experience. By selecting nothing here, your customers will only be shown duty and tax estimates in the checkout.

6. Click Save.

7. If your store credentials and settings are correct, you’ll see a message that says: “Important - Please read before enabling Zonos” section. Read the info and then click Enable Zonos.

8. Zonos will be enabled on all shipping zones in your Shopify Shipping settings. Remove Zonos from any zones that you don’t want to quote a landed cost for. 

IMG: Zonos quote, as it appears in your Shopify shipping zones settings

9. Setup landed cost in the Zonos Dashboard.

10. Setup shipping in the Zonos Dashboard. 

11. Set up is complete. Test Zonos Duty and Tax app to ensure that duty and taxes are being quoted in the Shopify checkout. 

IMG: Zonos calculating Duties and Taxes in your Shopify checkout

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