Service Levels

Service levels

You will be able to adjust the shipping service level names and add transit times by clicking on the individual service level available via the API.

In this section, you can create custom service levels by uploading your own rates in the “custom service level” section.

  • IMPORTANT! - For any service level to display at checkout, you will need to add them to a specific “shipping zone”.

Uploading a custom rate table CSV

  1. Add your custom service level by clicking here.
  2. Click the add button, then choose a name for the service level you are adding. (This will be the name visible to your customers.)
  3. Select the name you've just set to customize the new service level.
  4. Make sure your rate charts are in the correct format (example will be shown).
  5. Upload the CSV, and hit “Save”.
  6. You can test the rates by selecting a country’s two-digit ISO code and the weight. Hit “check” once the rates are successfully uploaded.


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