Landed Cost setup

Configure Landed Cost calculations

Learn how to adjust how landed cost is calculated inside Zonos Dashboard.

Access the Landed Cost settings

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. You will see a section for “Landed cost”. Here, you can set a default country of origin and harmonized (HS) code, add a landed cost buffer, and set up your Australian GST (if applicable). Contact us for additional information.

  3. In the Landed cost section, select Landed cost settings.

You can enter the Default country of origin or Default harmonized code to improve the Landed Cost calculations. You can also change the Landed Cost calculations by padding the calculation with the Landed cost buffer percentage or Landed cost buffer amount.

A default country of origin (COO) or harmonized code

The default country of origin or harmonized code is used when the value is not provided in Landed Cost calculations. We recommend selecting the country of origin and harmonized code that is most commonly sold or exported. Plugins for Zonos Landed Cost and Checkout will automatically pull the country of origin or harmonized code from your eCommerce platform. If you integrate the Checkout API or Landed Cost API, you can pass the values dynamically.

If you are unable to manage your country of origin or harmonized code in your product catalog, you can use the Zonos Catalog to upload these item attributes. A match on your unique product identifier will allow for the landed cost calculation to use the accurate attribute for each product in the Zonos Catalog.

Add a buffer to a Landed Cost calculation

You can configure a general buffer to the Landed Cost calculation by adding a percentage or an amount in the buffer section of the Landed Cost settings. The entered amount will increase the calculated amount by the value entered. For instance, a 2% buffer on a $100 landed cost calculation will add $2.00 to the calculated amount. If you want to set a flat amount or fee, you can add a Landed Cost buffer amount.

Buffer settings will adjust any Landed Cost calculations, including Zonos Checkout or the Landed Cost API.

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