Create shipping zones

Shipping zones

  1. To create a new shipping zone, click here to open and view the shipping zone settings.
  2. Pick a zone name.
  3. You can select the option to only estimate duties and taxes for a particular zone. By default, this will force duties and taxes to be paid for all service levels that allow this option.
  4. Select the countries you want to be a part of the new zone. (You can select the check box at the beginning of the search bar to add all countries to your zone.)
  5. Select the service levels you’d like to offer to those countries.
  6. You can create custom rules for the shipping zone. You can also set up flat rates based on the cart subtotal and/or weight.
  7. By default, the zone warehouse will be your store’s ship from address. If you have previously added a new ship from location (warehouse), you will be able to set that warehouse per shipping zone.

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