How do I add my EU VAT IOSS number in Zonos Dashboard?

Learn how to activate Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) for your store by adding your EU IOSS VAT number in Zonos Dashboard.

This is  not required. Learn more about EU VAT.

Add your EU IOSS VAT number to Dashboard

To add your EU VAT IOSS number in Zonos Dashboard go to Settings → Tax IDs, and select European Union from the country dropdown.


Clicking Add will give you a pop-up dialog (shown below) that will allow you to fill in your EU VAT IOSS number and details.


Hitting Save will add your EU IOSS VAT number to Dashboard.

Edit your EU IOSS VAT number in Dashboard

If you need to edit your EU VAT IOSS number, go to Settings → Tax IDs section, select edit next to your European Union IOSS VAT number information under the Tax IDs heading.


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View our additional documentation on how to add your EU VAT IOSS number in Zonos Dashboard.

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