How do I classify my items?

Learn how to Classify your items individually.

How do I classify my items?

Simply log in to Zonos Dashboard and click on Classify on the left sidebar menu to start classifying your items.


Classify will return an HS code with just an item description or an image. However, the more item details you provide, the more accurate your result will be. You can test Classify with five free classifications. If you’ve already used your five free classifications and you’d like to upgrade, contact Zonos.

If you’d like to classify your entire catalog or if you have a bulk classification request, learn more here.

How do I adjust my Classify settings?

Select Category in your Classify settings to allow Classify to find the best HS code and optimize the use of our technology.

start-classifying-adjust-settingsFor example, if you input “belt” and you have “car parts and accessories” selected as a product category in your Classify settings, our technology will encourage car parts over apparel.

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on how to classify your items.

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