How do I manage orders and configure International Checkout?

Learn how merchants can easily manage orders and configure International Checkout settings.

Which system should I be in?

Zonos Dashboard

Review international orders

Once you are in Dashboard, simply click on Orders in the left menu.

Here, you can…

  • View, search, and manage your orders.
  • Send an email order confirmation.
  • Cancel an order.
  • Refund an order
  • Check the status of orders in fraud review.
  • Set up your store promo codes.
  • Add a tracking number.
  • And more!

Access your International Checkout settings

Click on  Settings in the left menu.

  • Under the Checkout section, you can…
    • Add Google Analytics tracking
    • Set notifications for order confirmations, cancellations, and shipped status.
    • Enable abandoned carts emails.
    • Configure international payments.
  • Under the Design section, you can…
    • Manage design elements and add a logo for your store.
  • Under the Data privacy section, you can…
    • Edit GDPR compliance, privacy, and marketing policy settings.

Custom settings

If you need your checkout to do something you can’t set up by yourself within International Checkout, please reach out to our Support Team.

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on how to manage orders and configure International Checkout.

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