How do I create batch labels using Zonos Dasboard?

Find out how you can create batch labels using Zonos Dashboard.

When creating shipping labels with Zonos, you have the ability to create labels in batch in addition to one at a time. In order to create batch labels, you need to ensure you have a default box size set in your Zonos settings.

Setting a default box size

To set a default box size, log in to your Zonos Dashboard and go to  Settings → Label settings. From there, you can enter the dimensions of the box you’d like to use as default. When creating batch labels, this default box size will be used as a fallback in cases where the box information isn’t passed along with the order details.

label-settingsCreating batch labels

Once you have a default box size saved, you will be able to select multiple orders from the  All Orders list within Zonos Dashboard. To create a batch, simply select the orders you want to ship and click the Print labels button that shows up. Once you do this, labels will be created for all selected orders using the default settings, and then you will be able to download them all one after another.


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