How do I manage master cartons with UPS Worldwide Economy?

Learn how to manage master cartons with UPS Worldwide Economy.

Zonos makes it quick and easy to take advantage of the affordable UPS Worldwide Economy shipping service. Our shipping label platform has full, first-class support for Worldwide Economy, including managing master cartons, child shipments, and more.

Add an order to a Worldwide Economy master carton

When you are creating a label within Zonos and have UPS Worldwide Economy enabled on your account, you will have the option to add the order to an existing master carton or to create and name a new one. Once you do this, you’ll get the shipping label for your order as usual. As you continue creating labels, add them to the appropriate master carton that you plan on shipping out together.

View your open master cartons

You can view a list of all open and closed master cartons by going to  Labels → Worldwide Economy in the sidebar. From here, you can use the two tabs that appear to toggle between open and closed cartons. Clicking on a carton in this list will take you to the master carton details page, where you can see all of the child packages it contains, as well as the ability to void and finalize the carton.


Manage child shipments of an open master carton

From the master carton page, you can remove shipments from a master carton or move them to other cartons, if desired. Doing so will void the existing child package label and create a new label with the proper details.



Finalize an open master carton

Once you’re ready to ship out your master carton, you can get the domestic label needed to ship it to your assigned export site by clicking  Close carton on the master carton details page. At this point, a domestic label will be created for the entire carton and the carton will be considered closed.


I am receiving error code. How do I resolve this?

“Failure - Address Validation Error on Shipper address” - Check the warehouse address in Zonos Dashboard to make sure it is valid and matches the order(s) Ship From Address. For WWE, child labels and master carton labels must have matching addresses. .

“Failure - Master Carton is closed.” - Move child shipments to a new master carton. You will need to reprint the child shipment labels..

“Failure - Missing or Invalid Mail Innovations Package ID” - If you get this error when trying to close a master carton for UPS WWE, make sure you are putting in the dimensions of the master carton box. This can also mean a domestic service is not enabled when using WWE (master cartons ship domestically). Additional reference here.

“Failure - ShipFrom Address for Master Carton ID is invalid” - Make sure that the ship from address on the child shipments is the same as the ship from in the master carton. No address variations are allowed, they must be EXACTLY the same.

“Failure - The selected service is not available from the origin to the destination” - This service level does not deliver to the ship to country. When using UPS WWE, please ensure you have a domestic service level enabled. You can add one by going to your Zonos Dashboard Shipping Settings and selecting their carrier UPS. Just click Domestic Ground to enable, and don't forget to click Save.

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View our additional documentation on how to manage master carton with UPS Worldwide Economy.

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