How do I test my shipping?

Test your shipping rates before they are used in production or go live on your website.

Video walkthrough

Follow the instructions in the video to test your shipping options.

Steps for testing shipping

Follow the instructions below to test your shipping options:

  1. Log in to Zonos Dashboard.
  2. Click Orders on the left sidebar, which will expand and reveal three options.
  3. Click Mock checkout.
  4. Ensure the country selected in the mock checkout is part of the shipping zone where you have enabled the shipping option or service level you are testing for.
    • For example: if you were testing a shipment to Canada, make sure the zone where you added your new shipping option has Canada enabled or your shipping option will not show up at checkout.
  5. On the right, below the URL parameters, click Generate checkout.
  6. You will be redirected to a mock checkout page where you can view all shipping types offered for the cart that was created, including available carriers and the service levels offered, as well as shipping quotes based on rules and custom shipping options that you have added to the shipping zone of the country you are testing for.

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on how to test your shipping.

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