How do I ship from multiple locations?

Learn how to create warehouses in Zonos Dashboard if you ship from multiple locations.

When you create your shipping zones you are able to designate which warehouse will ship to that zone, making the address of the selected warehouse the ship-from location*, which is used to calculate shipping from within that zone.

* A ship-from location is the address from which you are shipping. Ensuring the accuracy of this address is important because it can affect shipment rating.

Create a new warehouse

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. Select Shipping rates → Warehouses.
  4. Click Create warehouse.
  5. A popup will appear with a form that, when filled out, will create your new warehouse location.
    • Give your warehouse a recognizable Name.
      • Your customers will not see this; it is only for you to distinguish between your warehouses.
    • Add the Phone number for the warehouse.
    • Enter an Email address for the warehouse.
    • Select the Country where your warehouse is located.
    • Enter the fields for the address of your warehouse. Remember, it is important that this is the address that your items ship from.
  6. Click Save.

Enable your warehouse in a shipping zone

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. Select Shipping rates → Shipping zones.
    • Select the shipping zone in which you want to enable the warehouse.
      • If you don’t have a shipping zone, you need to set one up.
  4. Click the Ship-from location dropdown and select the warehouse you have just created.
  5. Click Save.

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on how to ship from multiple locations.

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