How do I integrate Zonos Landed Cost for the ShipperHQ BigCommerce app?

Learn how to integrate Zonos Landed Cost for the ShipperHQ BigCommerce app.

Integrate Zonos Landed Cost into your ShipperHQ app in BigCommerce to provide your international customers with a total landed cost at checkout, with the option to prepay duties, taxes, and fees.

View our complete documentation about limitations, installation guides, and settings on how to integrate Landed Cost for the ShipperHQ BigCommerce app.


Does the Zonos catalog work with this integration?

Not at this time.

Can I use a product-specific country of origin (COO) with the BigCommerce ShipperHQ integration?

Not at this time. The default COO is used for our calculations (which is not product specific), but you can absolutely include product-specific information in your customs paperwork.

Does Zonos provide shipping quotes with the BigCommerce ShipperHQ integration?

No, ShipperHQ provides the shipment rating, while Zonos adds the duties, taxes, and carrier fees.

How do I restrict items internationally?

For ShipperHQ customers, all product restrictions should be set up within ShipperHQ.

Can I add a buffer to the Zonos duty and tax calculations included in the ShipperHQ shipping rate?

For the ShipperHQ integration, we cannot set up buffers on our end, but ShipperHQ may be able to add buffers. Contact ShipperHQ for more information.

Will orders be available on Zonos Dashboard → Orders page?

Orders will not appear in Zonos Dashboard at this time. Please use ShipperHQ to reference completed orders.

Does Zonos Hello come with this integration?

Not automatically, but you can download the Zonos Hello app for free here. All you need is your Hello site key from Zonos Dashboard → Settings → Integrations.

Does Zonos offer currency conversion with this integration?

No, Zonos will not convert the displayed currency with the ShipperHQ integration, but Zonos Hello includes localized currency conversions and text translation.

Can I print labels from Zonos Dashboard with this integration?

ShipperHQ orders do not appear in Zonos Dashboard, and Zonos does not print international labels via Zonos Dashboard, so this is unavailable for ShipperHQ customers.

Can I use Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee with this integration?

Completed ShipperHQ orders do not come into Zonos Dashboard at this time, therefore Landed Cost Guarantee (LCG) is not available with this type of integration.

Can I offer DDP and DDU/DAP solutions at the same time?

For the ShipperHQ integration, no. Duties, taxes, and fees must be collected on all service levels or none.

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