What is Zonos Landed Cost?

Learn about Zonos Landed Cost plugins.

You can install the Zonos Landed Cost plugin (aka “Zonos Duty & Tax app”) directly from your platform’s app marketplace. Landed Cost provides a quick and easy integration to give international customers a full landed cost within your platform’s checkout.

With this Zonos Landed Cost, you can show the carrier and service levels of your choice with all the duties, taxes, and brokerage fees included at the time of checkout. Zonos handles the shipping calculations and gives you added flexibility with your international shipping options.

Visit our Plugins for landed cost page to find information regarding platforms, features, custom integration and more.


Does Zonos work with my native checkout?

Yes! With Zonos, you retain control. Our app integrates seamlessly into your existing checkout for international orders.

Will Zonos conflict with my payments in my native checkout?

No. Zonos works with Shopify Payments, Magento Payments, and any other payment gateway or third-party payment provider you are using.

How do I ship a package that includes duties and taxes?

To ship a package Delivery Duty Paid (DDP), your shipping software must be able to send the duties and taxes back to you (the shipper). Tools like ShipStation and ShippingEasy allow this. Zonos orders can be mapped to auto-select when duties and taxes are included in the shipping cost. If fees are not billed back to you (the shipper), your customers will get charged again.

Zonos supports both DDU/DAP and DDP services.

When carriers do not offer prepayment of duties and taxes (DDU/DAP), Zonos gives an estimate and makes it clear duty and tax will be collected on delivery (COD). For carriers that allow prepayment of duties and taxes (DDP), Zonos automatically calculates and collects duty and tax at checkout.

How do I know how much duty and tax was charged on an order?
For Shopify users: a custom note will be added to the notes field.

One of the following messages will be displayed based on what Zonos quoted:

  • “$XX.XX shipping, $XX.XX duty and tax” if duties and taxes are collected on an order.
  • “Estimated duty and tax, $XX.XX due upon delivery” if taxes are only estimated and not collected at checkout
  • “No duty and tax due” will show for an order with no duties and taxes due because the order was below the de minimis value and will not be assessed upon delivery.

Will promo codes and discounts work with Zonos?

Promo codes will work as usual; however, any discount or promo code that reduces shipping costs may also reduce the duties and taxes included in the shipping amount.
For Shopify users: to include discounts in the total landed cost calculation, you must have the latest version of the Zonos Landed Cost plugin installed. Check the Zonos App in your installed Apps section to see if an update is available.

Are HS codes required for all my products?

No, Zonos does not require HS codes for duty and tax quotes, but having an HS Code will increase the accuracy of those quotes. You can add the default HS code and country or origin, as well as products to the catalog inside Zonos Dashboard.
For Shopify users: you can add the six-digit code to products in Shopify as well.

Can I ship DDP with any carrier or service level?

Not all carriers or service levels support DDP. UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express have service levels that allow DDP; however, USPS does not allow duties and taxes to be prepaid.

Zonos can provide an “estimate” for these service levels with a message showing the customer the amount to expect to pay upon the shipment's delivery. Check with your carrier rep or reach out to our Support Team if you are unsure of when to include duties and taxes.

Do I need weights and dimensions for my products?

Weights and dimensions are not necessary. Although Zonos can estimate the weight of items to get a quote, we do highly recommend you give us as much info about your products as possible to ensure the most accurate quotes. Zonos will use the weight of your products from within your platform to calculate the shipping cost. Zonos can also use the dimensions to make the quote more accurate. In Zonos Dashboard, you can upload a CSV with your product SKUs and their corresponding dimensions.

Why do some people not get charged duty and tax?

Some quotes may not include duty and tax. The most common reason is that the order falls below the de minimis value. This means duty and/or tax may not be charged based on the cart’s total value. In these cases, your customer will be messaged saying, “no duties and taxes due” at checkout.

Can I link my carrier accounts through Zonos?

Yes, you sure can! Zonos lets you tie into UPS, DHL Express, and FedEx carrier APIs to pull your negotiated rates. You can also upload rate sheets and set up custom shipping rules based on cart total and/or weight inside Zonos Dashboard.

BigCommerce FAQ

Does Zonos Duty & Tax work with Blueprint themes?

No, not at this time. This app only works with Stencil themes.

Shopify FAQ

Does my Shopify plan work with Zonos?

All Shopify plans work with the Zonos Duty & Tax app. If your plan is not Advanced or Plus, you will need to make sure your Shopify plan is paid annually to use the Carrier Service API function and access rates from Zonos.

Does Shopify Shipping work with Zonos?

No. Currently, Shopify Shipping does not support shipping DDP. Please reach out to our Support Team to discuss possible solutions.

Are duty and tax separated at checkout?

For Shopify Plus customers, Zonos can show taxes and duties in the tax field at checkout. These will still import into Shopify with the total landed cost in the shipping line item.

For non-Plus customers, duties and taxes are included in the shipping total with a breakdown of shipping, duties, and taxes underneath the shipping service level.

Does the Shopify Advanced Shipping Rules app conflict with Zonos Landed Cost?

No. Advanced Shipping Rules will not conflict with the Zonos Landed Cost app; however, we do not recommend using both apps.

Since Zonos Landed Cost calculates your shipping costs as part of the total landed cost, you should set up all shipping in Zonos Dashboard.

Using Advanced Shipping Rules with Zonos Landed Cost

In the event you choose to use both apps and box sizes, weights and dimensions are not set up with Zonos. Both apps will show shipping rates side by side in your checkout that will likely be quite different.

Also note that only Zonos shipping rates will show the duties and taxes.

Please ask for assistance from your Zonos Customer Success rep to recreate what you have set up in the Advanced Shipping Rules app. This includes setting up box sizes, weights, and dimensions.

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