What is Zonos International Checkout?

Learn how Zonos International Checkout simplifies the cross-border buying experience.

Zonos International Checkout is revolutionary, feature-packed technology designed for you to sell globally.

We have thoughtfully built the technology to provide a fantastic experience catered specifically to your international customers, while allowing you to maintain the same brand, look, and feel of your current website.

Find information regarding features, plugins, custom integration, and more here.

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How does Zonos International Checkout work?

Our software can be integrated into your current ecommerce platform via plugin or API call. Customers add products to their cart as normal but will be redirected to the International Checkout to complete their international order.

Does this integrate with my current ecommerce platform?

We can integrate International Checkout with your chosen ecommerce platform or custom-built website.

How long does it take to get this up and running on my store website?

Depending on how much customization you need for your checkout, the International Checkout installation process generally takes anywhere from 3-14 days.

Can the design be changed?

There are some design changes that you can customize, but other changes need to be done by Zonos at an additional cost.

Is it mobile responsive?

Yes, International Checkout is responsive to fit the user screen size.

Can we iframe the URL rerouting to Zonos?

Yes, this is possible.

Will coupon codes on my site carry over to International Checkout?

For some ecommerce platforms, coupon codes may need to be entered directly on International Checkout. In this scenario, all the static coupon/discount codes need to be set up on Zonos Dashboard for reference.

Can Google Analytics be set up?

Yes, you can set this up inside Dashboard International Checkout settings.

How do I enable promo codes?

In Dashboard, go to Settings → Checkout settings, and select Enable promo codes.

How do I modify General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) settings?

In Dashboard, go to Settings. Under Checkout, select GDPR and data privacy.

Can I send abandoned cart emails?

Yes, in Dashboard, go to Settings in the left sidebar menu. Under Checkout, click on Checkout settings. Scroll down to the Abandoned carts section, then check the box for “Enable automatic abandoned cart emails”.

Abandoned cart emails will not be sent to EU customers unless they have opted in to marketing emails in Zonos International Checkout or if you choose to disable the GDPR settings.

How do I cancel an order?

In Dashboard, select Checkout on the left sidebar menu and click on Orders. Find and select the order number you want to cancel. Under the Payment section, hit Cancel order. Click again in the pop-up window to confirm.

Once an order has been canceled, it cannot be undone and shall be final. Funds cannot be recaptured once completed.

In order to cancel orders and provide partial refunds, orders may need to be canceled on your ecommerce platform in addition to your Zonos account, depending on your extension or integration with Zonos. Based on the customer’s bank and country the order was placed, funds may take three-five business days before showing up on their statement.

Can I drop or remove an item from an order?

In Dashboard, go to the left sidebar menu and click on Checkout → Orders.
Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the order by ID, name, email, or other attribute.
Select Refund then scroll down to the Order Items section and use the down arrow to adjust the quantity. Your changes will automatically populate the cart and applicable shipping, duty, and tax refunds. Click Process Refund of $X.XX to confirm your changes.

How do I send an order confirmation to a customer?

In Dashboard, go to Checkout → Orders to search for the customer order.

Click on the order. Select Email order confirmation.

How do I add or update a tracking number?

In Dashboard, search for the order you need to modify.
Under Details, click on Add tracking number.

Can Zonos International Checkout be integrated with a platform that is not listed?

Yes, Zonos works with virtually any platform.

Contact us directly for further assistance or view our International Checkout API docs.

How do I fix any issues with International Checkout?

If you are having issues, like redirecting to the international checkout or payments not working, please contact us directly for further assistance.

Can I customize the design for Zonos International Checkout?

In Dashboard, go to Settings on the left sidebar menu.

Under Checkout, click on Design.

How do I request a design change to Zonos International Checkout?

To request a design change, contact us directly for further assistance.

Can I create a custom message in Zonos International Checkout?

For custom message requests, contact us directly for further assistance.

Do I need to do anything if I change my Shopify theme?

Yes, please follow the instructions below. This info is only applicable to those still using the legacy International Checkout app for Shopify. This app is no longer available on the Shopify App store.

Add the iGlobal snippet
Open the iGlobal Stores app in your Shopify backend, then go to Installation Instructions.
In a new tab, open the  theme.liquid file for your new Shopify theme.
Add the iGlobal snippet to this file. Go to your code editor and type iglobal in the top left search bar.
If you find the iglobal.liquid file in your new Shopify theme files, you are good to go!

If you did not find the  iglobal.liquid file in your new theme files:
Go to your previous theme files.
Find the  iglobal.liquid file using the top left search bar.
Highlight and copy all the content within the  iglobal.liquid file.

  • CTRL-A (highlight) / CTRL-C (copy) for Windows/Linux
  • CMD-A (highlight) / CMD-C (copy) for Mac

Go back to your new theme files.
Under Snippets, click on Add a new snippet.
Name the file: "iglobal."
Paste the content you just copied into the newly created iglobal snippet.

  • CTRL-V (paste) for Windows/Linux
  • CMD-V (paste) for Mac

Hide domestic elements, and set the onclick attribute for your checkout buttons to get to International Checkout.

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