How do I resolve an error when creating a shipping label?

Learn about common errors when creating a shipping label and how to resolve them.

Receiving an error message can be disruptive when you are trying to get a package out the door. Here are some quick tips to troubleshoot and some common error messages.

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Verify the ship-to address - Sometimes there are issues with the way the shopper’s ship-to address is listed on the order in Zonos Dashboard. Each of the carriers have different address validation requirements. You will typically see an error like this Address validation error - shipTo address (missing state/province, invalid postal code) when the ship-to address is the problem.
    There are a few tools you can use to verify a shopper’s ship-to address info and format:
  2. Make sure there is a valid phone number on the ship from - Double check that the number of digits for your ship-from warehouse is valid. If it is not valid, you can update this in the Dashboard shipping or warehouse settings.
    A few things to keep in mind are:
    1. USPS only allows 10-digit phone numbers.
    2. We automatically remove any extensions on the phone number.
  3. Confirm that a warehouse has been set up correctly - Ensure that all of the warehouse details match the ship-from location details on the order. If a warehouse has not been set up, follow the instructions here.
  4. Check the items on the order - Is any information missing like country of origin, HS codes, or product description? Sometimes missing information for the commercial invoice can impact label generation.

Review our comprehensive list of errors here.

If you are still unable to resolve the error, please reach out to our Support Team.

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