How do I resolve an error when creating a shipping label?

Learn about common errors when creating a shipping label, and how to resolve them.

Receiving an error message can be disruptive when you are trying to get a package out the door. Here are some quick tips to troubleshoot and some common error messages.

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Verify the ship to address - Sometimes there are issues with the way the shopper’s ship to address is listed on the order in Zonos Dashboard. Each of the carriers have different address validation requirements. You will typically see an error like this Address validation error - shipTo address (missing state/province, invalid postal code) when the ship to address is the problem.
    There are a few tools you can use to verify a shopper’s ship to address info and format:
    1. DHL address validator
    2. UPS address validator
    3. Look up the address on google maps.
  2. Make sure there is a valid phone number on the ship from - Double check that the number of digits for your ship from warehouse is valid. If it is not valid, you can update this in the Dashboard shipping or warehouse settings.
    A few things to keep in mind are:
    1. USPS only allows 10 digit phone numbers.
    2. We automatically remove any extensions on the phone number.
  3. Confirm that a warehouse has been set up correctly - Ensure that all of the warehouse details match the ship from location details on the order. If a warehouse has not been set up, follow the instructions here.
  4. Check the items on the order - Is any information missing like COO, HS codes, or product description? Sometimes missing information for the Commercial Invoice can impact label generation.

Review the common label errors below. If you are still unable to resolve the error, please reach out to our Support Team.

Common label errors:

“Authentication failed” - This is an issue with the carrier account. If it’s FedEx, then you will need to get a FedEx test label authenticated. Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

“Failure - Address Validation Error on Shipper address” - Check the warehouse address in Zonos Dashboard to make sure it is valid and matches the order(s) Ship From Address. For WWE, child labels and master carton labels must have matching addresses. .

“Failure - Master Carton is closed.” - Move child shipments to a new master carton. You will need to reprint the child shipment labels..

“Failure - Missing or Invalid Mail Innovations Package ID” - If you get this error when trying to close a master carton for UPS WWE, make sure you are putting in the dimensions of the master carton box. This can also mean a domestic service is not enabled when using WWE (master cartons ship domestically). Additional reference here.

“Failure - ShipFrom Address for Master Carton ID is invalid” - Make sure that the ship from address on the child shipments is the same as the ship from in the master carton. No address variations are allowed, they must be EXACTLY the same.

"Failure - Shipper is not authorized for Mail Innovations." - This is an error from UPS that this account is not authorized for WWE/MI. This can mean the export site is not linked to the UPS account.

“Failure- The Shipper’s shipper number cannot be used for this shipment” - This is an error message from UPS. This may indicate a hold on the UPS end. This could mean that the account has been blocked or suspended. Reach out to your UPS rep to see if there is an issue with your your account.

“Failure - The requested billing option is unavailable between selected locations” - This error was coming directly from the UPS API. Reach out to your UPS rep and see if there is anything that can be done. The label may need to be created with UPS directly.

"Failure- The request is well-formed but the request is not valid” - The name of the receiver and the city need to be primarily in English for the system to process the label. Try Google translating the information, but leave the foreign characters present for the shipper and delivery.

“Failure - The selected service is not available from the origin to the destination” - This service level does not deliver to the ship to country. When using UPS WWE, please ensure you have a domestic service level enabled. You can add one by going to your Zonos Dashboard Shipping Settings and selecting the carrier UPS. Just click Domestic Ground to enable, and don't forget to click Save.

FedEx: “Invalid Consignee ZIP-code” - German address sometimes include a letter in the postal code. Omitting the letter allows the label to be generated.

FedEx: "Please fix the following errors: You must have a custom signature and letterhead uploaded to ship to (various countries) with International Connect Plus" - In your Zonos Dashboard go to Settings → View Shipping Settings. Under "carriers" click on FedEx → Scroll down to Customize Documents. Here is where you can upload your signature and company letter head.

FedEx: “The FTR Exemption or AES Citation you provided is not valid for EEI” - An EEI is required for the shipment. Zonos does not currently support this, so the order will need to be voided or refunded and the label will need to be created via FedEx. Use the FedEx web portal and enter the order data manually. The items on that order would be classified as an EAR99. Additional reference here

“Missing or invalid element: FromPhone” - The ship from phone is missing and will need to be added to the warehouse address in Zonos Dashboard.

“Please fix the following errors: A tax identification number is required for International Consolidation” - The FedEx account is likely enabled for ground consolidation, which requires Broker selection. A tax ID will need to be entered.

“Please fix the following errors: [2451] Destination country does not accept international non-document shipments” - Cannot ship via FedEx unless it is a document.

“Please fix the following errors: [3907] Invalid Customs Value” - Check the unit price(s) and compare to the cart. There may be a discrepancy between prices on the label and the cart. If a refund is issued prior to printing a label, it will cause this error.

"Please fix the following errors [6064] Total commodities weight is greater than package shipment weight” - Ensure the weight of the package matches or exceeds the sum of the items, and you should be able to create the label.

“Please fix the following errors: [89150] COMMERCIAL_OR_PRO_FORMA_INVOICE is required to process your electronic trade document request” - This error stems from an issue generating commercial invoice electronically. Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

“Please fix the following errors [SV012a] Account number Shipper Account Number incorrect or invalid. Correct account number and resubmit. If this problem reoccurs contact your technical service representative” - Reach out to your DHL representative to see if there is an issue with your account. You may have an open invoice or another account issue with DHL.

USPS: “Missing or invalid element:MailClass” - An error occurred when trying to ship USPS to a US territory. Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

USPS: “If provided, fullname must contain at least 2 alphabetic characters, followed by a space, followed by at least another 2 alphabetical characters. Exception with code 0x00650111; module 101, category 1, item 17” - USPS changed its API rules for creating labels. The ship from name (defaults to the store’s name) must be in a form similar to an actual name (2 alphabetic characters, 1 space, 2 alphabetic characters). A store name that includes numerical digits does not conform to the requirements. To resolve, add a warehouse with a FROM name that conforms to the USPS requirements.

USPS: “The certified Intermediary’s pass phrase is incorrect” - This is an API error. Your credentials may have been disabled or reset. Reach out to your USPS rep to see if there is an issue with your account.

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