How do I restrict products in Zonos Dashboard?

Learn how to restrict products in Zonos Dashboard.

There are two ways that you can restrict your products in Dashboard. All you will need is the SKU for your products.

To start, please go to Catalog on the left menu or click here.

Restrict one product at a time

1. Under “All products,” select Create product.


2. A pop-up window will appear. Enter your product SKU. You may fill out the other fields but they are not required.


3. After inputting your SKU, scroll down to Restricted countries and select the country (or countries) you want to restrict your product from. Select one country at a time, or select the checkbox near the Search button to select all countries. When you’re ready, make sure to hit Save.


Restrict a bulk of products

1. Under Catalog → Import/Export, download the template (CSV).

2. Delete all columns except sku and** restrictedCountries**. Do not edit these column headings.

3. Enter the SKU for your products on each row.

4. To restrict specific countries, in the restrictedCountries column, type NONE+ the countries you want to restrict (ex. NONE+AU,KR,MY,SG,TH). Use the two-letter ISO code for the countries (which you can find here) and include only commas and no spaces.


5. To restrict ALL international countries, type ALL- plus the ISO of any country you DON’T want to restrict. (eg. To restrict all countries except the US, you would use: ALL-US.) Use the two-letter ISO code for the countries (found here) and include only commas and no spaces.

6. Be sure to make a note of the restricted countries for each of your SKUs for your reference.


What if I have more products I want to add?

If you have more products to add, simply update the spreadsheet and re-upload.

I accidentally uploaded the same products twice. How do I remove duplicate SKUs?

Go to your Catalog and select the small trashcan next to each product.

I have uploaded a lot of products. How can I view all of what is currently in my Catalog?

Select Export all products as CSV under** Import/Export → Advanced.**

I have new inventory. How can I delete all products and start over?

Select Delete all products under** Import/Export → Advanced.**

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on restricting products in Zonos Dashboard.

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