How do I manage financial reporting?

Learn how to manage financial reporting with Zonos.

Zonos Dashboard includes functionality that allows you to easily export a customizable CSV of your international orders that includes a breakdown of all duties, taxes, and fees assessed for each one.

Generate financial reports

The Reconciliation tab under Reports lets you review your Zonos orders with the product price, shipping, duties, taxes, and fees clearly itemized. They can be viewed in Dashboard, or you can download a CSV.

You can generate reports by quarter, year to date, last year, or with a custom date range.


Note that you will not be able to export a CSV report without a date range. Also, for big ranges or ranges with a large amount of orders in them, the export may take some time to generate.

Easily remit with tax filing reports

You can generate Tax filing reports for any country where you have enabled collecting tax on low-value orders (Australia, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom). The orders are listed individually with both the Zonos and Merchant order ID, Date, Taxable sales, and the Tax due to remit.

These can also be downloaded as CSV reports.

Still have questions?

View our additional documentation on managing financial reporting.

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